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Hey there, friend! I'am Moises, and I ma so glad that you've stumbled over to my personal website! I started doing genealogy research back in 1998. I started by asking my father (pictured above with me) for the names of his great grandparents and he did not know them. Lucky for us my grandmother was still alive and she later on provided us with their names. Below is the picture of my grandmother Dominga Marroquin along with my grandfather Eulalio Garza.

Since then I have become truly passionate bout genealogy and helping others find their ancestors. I started We Are Cousins as a way to blog about my ancestors and motivate my self to keep on searching for records, resources, and more ancestors. Mid ways into a year of blogging I started to get more and more requests to make a website that could focus in Mexican Genealogy so I did. That was the birth of my Mexican Genealogy Blog.

Years later I saw a need for an online genealogical group that was similar to a genealogy society and that was the birth of Las Villas del Norte. Finally, the rise of genetics for genealogy took a strong hold in our Mexican American community and I started the blog DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ as a way to answer common questions about DNA.

To try and help people even more in some research areas we have made eBooks that are free to everyone.

50 Websites: For South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy

100 Resources and Tools To Help You Find Your Mexican Roots

DNA Testing for Genealogy An Introductory Guide


To make it simple, I made this list as a way to introduce my self and tell you six things that you probably did not know about my self.

1. I Was Born In Mexico and Raised in South Texas

I was born in Miguel Aleman Tamaulipas just a stone throw away from Roma Texas. At one point the town used to be called San Pedro de Roma. I was raised up until I was about eight at my dad's and grandfather's ranch "El Ebanito" in Mexico near Los Treviños Tamaulipas. I was raised among the fields, herding of goats. and cattle. For a small, boy it was amazing. I was eager to grow up to be a rancher just like my dad and both my paternal grandparents. Everything changed when I was brought to the U.S. as a small boy, I soon realized that Hispanics were treated as second class citizens and stripped by education from their rich heritage. I never felt like I belonged until I started doing Genealogy and discovered the contributions my ancestors did to the U.S. and Texas.

2. The Love of My Life Clarissa <3

Don't get me wrong I give thanks to the all mighty for being at the right place and at the right moment to have meet the beautiful woman that would become my wife and mother of my sons. Everyone asks me about her. Her name is Clarissa.

3. I Never Thought I Would be the Father of Two Boys!

One never knows what life will be or bring us but I am thankful that I am the proud father of two boys. Matthew is my oldest and my inspiration for starting to seriously look into our roots in 2010. Before that I was doing genealogy research on and off. My other son was born just eighteen months after Matthew and his name is Marcus, he also is big motivation for what I do. I want to leave them both, a detailed account of whom their ancestors were and from where they came.

4. My Degree is in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Sociology

Ok, I did not think this through. Criminal Justice? Yes. My final year in college I was "what the heck did I do?". Anyways it took several years and some politics to get me gainfully employed and lets leave it at that. I am really looking forward to retirement since all I want to do is Genealogy. All kidding aside I loved the class Research Methods which was required to get my degree. The professor was the toughest I had ever had but I Aced the class! That class thought me the skills that I use daily to research my ancestors. Here's a tip; question everything and find the original source. Now Sociology, I loved it and it helps me understand and reconstruct in my mind of how my ancestors might have lived and or what they might have experienced within the social structure of their times.

5. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is RM 269 and mtDNA D2

Yes I am an RM 269. What does it mean? It basically means that my paternal DNA is European. My mtDNA is a D2, this means that my maternal DNA is native American and I have able to trace my direct maternal line all the way back to Zacatecas in the late 1600's. At least I can now research as to what native American tribes lived in the area

6. I'am Stubborn.

It's been a long trip. My high school adviser asked "Why do you want to go to college? Here get this pamphlet and become a welder." Guess what I ignored his ill advise and went to college and then the university. This is one example of many that I can give you but this particular example made me realize that peoples advise is never the best advise. Choose carefully and go with your passions. I remember many people telling me that blogging was dumb and that blogging about genealogy was even dumber. I am sure that I ignored them since know I can see how I am helping many people out.


So now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know, where do we go from here? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for!


Looking for techniques and resources to get researching your Mexican ancestors and roots? I recommend my website Mexican Genealogy. Look for the Meet Your Ancestors Email Series. Visit Website >>


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Or maybe you found me because you were looking for your ancestors from South Texas and or Northeastern Mexico. Check out my website We Are Cousins, it's primary purpose is to educate and provide it's readers with resources to locate their ancestors, whom at one point lived in this area. Visit Website >>

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