Here is a list of my upcoming presentations and also a listing of my past presentations with links to where you can watch them.

3-10-2018Best Practices to Organize Your Genealogy Research – McAllen, Texas

12-11-2016 – Backing up and Protecting Your Genealogical Data – Mission Texas

9-24-2016Online Mexican Genealogical Resources – Toledo, Ohio

9-24-2016DNA Testing for Genealogy and Mexican DNA Projects – Toledo, Ohio

9-24-2016American Genealogical Resources to Help You Find Your Mexican Ancestry – Toledo, Ohio

9-24-2016Major genealogical Resources for Latin America – Toledo, Ohio

9-11-2016 – Overview of and Search Strategies – Mission, Texas

6-12-2016 – Is Your Ancestor Really Your Ancestor? The Importance of Citation – Mission, Texas

5-14-2016 – DNA Testing for Genealogy – McAllen, Texas

4-10-2016 – Overview of and Search Strategies – Mission, Texas

4-7-2016 – Online Mexican Genealogy Resour – Corpus Christi, Texas

3-31-2016 – Book Signing and Presentation “DNA Testing for Genealogy” – Laredo, Texas

3-23-2016 – DNA Testing for Genealogy for the Green Gate Genealogy Group – Palmview, Texas

3-20-2016DNA Testing for Genealogy and Las Villas del Norte DNA Project – Harlingen, Texas

3-5-2016Online Mexican Genealogy Resources – San Antonio, Texas

1-10-2016 – Genealogical Resources for Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico – Mission, Texas

12-12-2015Getting Started in Your Genealogy – McAllen, Texas

11-8-2016 – Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy – Mission, Texas

11-7-2016 – Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy – Zapata, Texas

10-9-2016 – Getting Started with Genealogy, Texas/Mexican Research – Mission, Texas

8-9-2015 – Tools, and Software to Preserve Your Photos and Documents – Mission, Texas

5-10-2015 – Getting Started With Your Genealogy, “Your First Five Generation Family Tree” – Mission, Texas

3-8-2015 – How I used the Church Padrones (Censuses) to Break Some of My Brick Walls – Mission, Texas

7-19-2014 – Major Resources for Northeastern Mexico Genealogical Research – Harlingen, Texas

5-5-2014 – 30 Websites for Your South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy – Zapata, Texas