Best Practices to Organize Your Genealogy Research

Best Practices to Organize Your Genealogy Research

In this presentation, I will show you the best practices to organize your genealogy research.  If you are still writing notes in pieces or papers, notebooks, and or even using software, to manage your genealogy research. This is a great presentation for you.

Don't let your research get out of hand.

Even worse, you are so disorganized that you keep researching the same ancestors over and over again.

You can put a stop to it by coming to see my FREE presentation.

In it, I will show you exactly how I started managing my information. Then I will show you how I progressed to my current method of organizing my information.

This organizational method lets me be more productive and leaves me with more time to do research.

If this sounds something that is of interest to you, make sure to come and listen to me.

It will be in the Electronic Classroom A, McAllen Public library, located at 4001 N. 23rd St. McAllen, TX 78504 on March the 10th form 2:30 - 4:30 PM.

If you don't live in the Rio Grande Valley make sure to join Las Villas del Norte for online access in April to this presentation and many others.


Flyer for Best Practices to Organize Your Genealogy Research Presentation


Hope to see you there or as a member of Las Villas del Norte.

If you would like for me to make a presentation for your group or organization check out my Speaker page for more details.

3 thoughts on “Best Practices to Organize Your Genealogy Research

  1. Ruth Laity says:

    My name is Ruth and I have been trying to research my grandfather Francisco Gutierrez he was born in Mexico and baptized in Sonora Mexico according to the diocese of Pittsburgh. My father never knew much on his father he was placed in st Anthony’s orphanage after the death of his mother in 1939 and the courts said they couldn’t locate the father. I am looking for Francisco Gutierrez born 1903/04 and his parents according to the diocese was Ramon and Susan. Francisco was baptized in Jan 1904. My father was 7 when placed in orphanage along with a sister and brother and there was another sister that stayed with a grandmother on the other side but none had any information to share with me. I have brought this family together after a seperation of thirty years. But still can not find anything on there father. Please if you can help me I would be greatful.

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