Great news! My AncestryDNA results are in!

After a long wait or what seemed a long wait to me finally ended this past Saturday. I finally received my AncestryDNA results. I’ll admit to it I was very excited but the bad thing was that I did not see the email until Sunday when I was getting ready to had out to my in-laws small ranch to go make a fence. I just took a quick look and saw my ethnicity results.

The following image is the email that I received notifying me that my results were in.

I had not even arrived at my in-laws and I already had a message form an Ancestry member asking me about my DNA and that we were  a close match.  Turns out that she was a reader of my blog We Are Cousins and I had already exchanged some emails in the past. Now the DNA results stated that we were 2 to 3rd cousins but we just have to find out how.

The first thing that I noticed was that the processing notice was no longer there.

Instead it looked like this:

As you can see with the image above the status changed from Lab Processing, which took 19 days, to having two options. One is to “See full Ethnicity Estimate” and the other “See matches”.  Let me show you both of them.

See full Ethnicity Estimate for Moises Garza:

[pe2-image src=”” type=”image” alt=”DNA Tests for Ethnicity Genealogical DNA testing at AncestryDNA.png” ]

I was very surprised to see some of my results but I will talk about that in one of the upcoming We Are Cousins Podcast Episodes.

See matches:

Ancestry DNA MAtches

The matches page looks just like this image. This is also the section that gave me a head ache. Many of the trees are private and I have sent several requests but many are public and the data is overwhelming. I did find about four people and with a quick look in their tree I could see how exactly we were related.

In total there are 143 pages of 50 results each, thus making the task of reviewing all matches monumentally impossible.

In recap of time frames:

  • 5-16-2014 – Bought Testing Kit
  • 5-20-2014 – Received Testing Kit and Returned Same Day
  • 6-2-2014 – Received email the DNA Made it to the Lab
  • 6-21-2014 – Received email that DNA results were in.

It took a total of almost 5 weeks, from the time I originally bought my DNA kit to the time that I got my results. That is not a bad waiting time. In the mean time I had enough time to view the “AncestryDNA Learning and Frequently Asked Question Videos“ that I told you about.

Whats Next?

For one, review my matches and respond to about 5 emails from possible promos/primas through AncestryDNA. Also download the raw data and see what else i can use it for.

Interested in taking your own DNA?

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  • hi Moises
    i just want you to know i LOVE what you posted-
    love the screenshots ! and you are SO funny stating “this is the part that gave me a headache!”
    just love it….
    i am currently waiting for my results… so far 22 days waiting (and checking 20x a day) !!
    thanks again,

    carieMarch 20, 2015
    • Let me know about your results, I am sure you will find something interesting.

      Moises GarzaMarch 21, 2015
  • will do…. thanks….
    (still waiting as of 3/25) …. ((( SIGH )))

    carieMarch 25, 2015

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